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Vocational training

Training at E. WINKEMANN GmbH

Qualified employees are the foundation of a successful company. For this reason we take on new apprentices every year and offer a guaranteed job. Training for guaranteed jobs was always the rule with us, long before such obligations were set out in a collective agreement. Our program covers 10 different vocational areas for all specialist sectors within our company:
Mechatronics Engineer, Tool Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Stamping and Forming Mechanic, Machine and Plant Operator, Warehouse Clerk, Industrial Clerk, Technical Product Designer, Materials Tester, Electronics Technician (all male/female).

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice with E. WINKEMANN GmbH then further information on training opportunities for the next training year can be found under „Vacancies“.

From August 2020 you can become part of our trainee team as:

By clicking on the relevant training course you will get more information in PDF format for download and printing.

In-house training at E. WINKEMANN GmbH

As universal as the requirement profile is, as varied is the daily work of the in-house training. In the technical apprenticeships you will be educated with personal support in all relevant in-house departments and our internal apprentice workshop as well as with additional factory teaching. In commercial apprenticeships we promote targeted advanced training measures, such as additional English classes with financial support for a 3-week internship in London.

Especially dealing with people and the craftsmanship make apprenticeship with us so interesting. Precision, care and handling of high-tech devices require a clever mind. Above all, you should have fun in dealing with people, be friendly and confident, be communicative and efficient, appreciate teamwork, like working autonomously and self-responsible, be interested and committed - and the way it goes we will teach you. Good training is rewarded with the payment of premiums.

Our apprentices

We, the WINKEMANN apprentices, are the „next generation“, the future performers of the company - and are readily encouraged and promoted with much commitment and joy.

The long-standing commitment of many apprentices of the past years and even decades to the E. WINKEMANN GmbH shows the attachment to the company also after the apprenticeship and the joy of working with us. They have grown with the company and have accompanied it through its history.

Darius Kurzeja, Tool Mechanic, specialisation stamping and forming technology, 4th apprenticeship year
In my first year as an apprentice I learned basics about tool maintenance and repairs as well as lathing, milling, deburring and filing. I was optimally prepared for the interim test after 1 1/2 years in the company. I have learned a lot from the kind and helpful colleagues in the various departments such as QA, technical office and stamping. Besides the factory teaching I attend the BKT (Vocational College for Technology) in Lüdenscheid. With the personal support I am very satisfied and can only recommend an apprenticeship at E. WINKEMANN GmbH.
Emre Koc, Industrial Mechanic, specialisation operating technology, 3rd apprenticeship year
In my first year as an apprentice I learned basics about filing, sawing, drilling und lathing. Very interesting have also been courses such as the pneumatic course. In the second year of apprenticeship, maintenance has been part of the apprenticeship in the internal apprentice workshop. Every day there has been a new challenge to the craftsmanship and everything new has been explained to me in detail by the helpful work colleagues who have often motivated and supported me. I have learned a lot in the weekly internal factory teaching.
Jamie-Tina Joest, Warehouse Clerk, 2nd apprenticeship year
In August 2015 I started my 2 year apprenticeship at E. WINKEMANN GmbH. The practical work is optimally complemented by the internal factory teaching. I feel very comfortable in the positive working atmosphere and I am glad about the good support of my colleagues.
Nils Koch, Technical Product Designer, specialisation machine and plant construction, 2nd apprenticeship year
At E. WINKEMANN GmbH I use CAD programs to construct 3D models of items and tools. In the first months of my apprenticeship I started with 2D models to draw views of different bodies and learn first functions like mirroring or stretching. In the BKT, I got to know various manufacturing processes, materials and creative techniques and have been trained in the handling of CAD and Office programs. In the internal factory teaching the school content has been recessed and supplemented in a practice-oriented manner. The entry into the various training areas has been made easy for me by the many kind colleagues and I was conveyed many interesting contents in a comprehensible manner. At the moment I am preparing for the interim test and I hope for the same success and progress as last year.
Gabriela Baron, Industrial Clerk, 2nd apprenticeship year
My apprenticeship as an Industrial Clerk at E. WINKEMANN GmbH is very varied and interesting. Here I have the opportunity to get to know each department and the related activities. It gives me the feeling of being needed and being able to support other apprentices. I am glad that after the apprenticeship I have the security to be taken over.

Activities of the E. WINKEMANN apprentices

We are a community that manages everything together - a dedicated team that understands each other well. For us it is particularly important that we can rely on each other, be committed and helpful, and also trust each other with problems.

In order to strengthen the common sense, we organize an annual apprentices´ tour where we have a lot of fun and also get to know each other privately. We also take part in the AOK company run every year. We feel comfortable in the circle of the WINKEMANN employees and also had a lot of fun at the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the company in Elspe 2013.

For our fitness the E. WINKEMANN GmbH maintains a cooperation agreement with the AquaMagis in Plettenberg. For reduced conditions we can use the offer of the fitness world individually under expert guidance.

Your way into the professional future

Are you looking for the right apprenticeship? The question „Which kind of apprenticeship suits me?“ is constantly going through your head? It is important that you think carefully about the career choices: What skills do I have for this apprenticeship? Occupational interests and talents can be an asset. Here versatility is the keyword! We will tell you what you should have to start well into working life. So nothing is standing in your way for your apprenticeship with us.

In addition to the right job you also want to find an interesting and modern employer who offers you a secure future with a guaranteed job. Your creativity and versatility are in demand. Stay being interested and open-minded. Together we are a top team.

Postfach 1680
D-58816 Plettenberg

Your contact person
for the commercial area:
Danica Müller

Phone: +49 2391 819-331

E-Mail: personalwesen@winkemann.de
Your contact person
for the industrial area:
Stefan Lemke

Phone: +49 2391 819-242

E-Mail: s.lemke@winkemann.de
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