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Those who are already there

Employees at E. WINKEMANN GmbH
Our employees are what make E. WINKEMANN GmbH a living organisation.
Over 300 employees demonstrate every day with their specialist knowledge, various skills, in-depth experience, creativity, and considerable commitment why our success is a reality.
Many tasks are demanding and are carried out by experienced specialists. With an average term of service of 15.4 years we frequently celebrate anniversaries with our staff, and some have been with the company for 40, 45, 50, or even 55 years. Many employees have been with us ever since they started their training.
With increased workload we also use temporary employees to supplement our staff.
If there is continuing need, then after an employment period of 12 months we frequently offer temporary employees a fixed job with the company, provided that the applicant is suitable.

Training at E. WINKEMANN GmbH

Qualified employees are the foundation of a successful company. For this reason we take on new apprentices every year and offer a guaranteed job. Training for guaranteed jobs was always the rule with us, long before such obligations were set out in a collective agreement. Our program covers 10 different vocational areas for all specialist sectors within our company:
Mechatronics Engineer, Tool Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Stamping and Forming Mechanic, Machine and Plant Operator, Warehouse Clerk, Industrial Clerk, Technical Product Designer, Materials Tester, Electronics Technician (all male/female).

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice with E. WINKEMANN GmbH then further informations can be found under "Vocational training" and on training opportunities for the next training year under "Vacancies".

Advanced Training
When recruiting and establishing our training programmes we have high qualification requirements for new employees. The adage that time never stands still applies to companies as well as their employees. It is of critical importance to improve present skills and also to expand them to exploit potential or learn new skills. This provides us with all options for continued development, with the proviso that everyone is ready to take on new challenges. We place "great value" on this in the most literal meaning of the phrase, investing a 6-figure total into the internal and external training of our staff every year. This means that when the figures are converted, we invest on average approximately € 1,000 per employee every year.

Link to collective agreement
E. WINKEMANN GmbH is a member of a trade association and rigorously applies the collective agreement. Holiday entitlement, working hours, salary components including overtime and holiday pay and the special annual payment etc. are determined in accordance with the collective agreement for the metal and electrical industry in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In-house sports at E. WINKEMANN GmbH
To support our employees in maintaining or improving their health we have signed a cooperation agreement with the AquaMagis centre in Plettenberg and the feelgood! in Plettenberg, Herscheid and Lüdenscheid. Our employees and their partners can use the fitness facilities along with expert tuition at a considerably reduced rate.

Employee discount program
Via an internet platform, our employees have the opportunity to benefit from exclusive employee discounts at more than 1,500 well-known suppliers.
From A to Z, there is something for everyone. The portfolio of attractive offers is updated and expanded monthly.

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