All our corporate processes are guided by generally applicable ethical values and principles, making us a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers.

Sustainability and the protection of our environment are a high priority for us. We comply with all relevant environment standards and laws and also invest in further operational environment protection measures. All our employees are encouraged to get involved in this continuous improvement process and to make their contribution.

We operate a resource-saving energy management system and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001: 2018. For the Bremcker stream we have the well rights on our factory premises and use the water as coolant within our production with our own water treatment in a circulation system. We use a tool design that is optimised for consumption to minimise the use of input material and avoid waste.

The compressors for generating compressed air are speed-controlled. Recuperative burners are used to fire the heat treatment units, where the exhaust gases are reused.

Corporate policy

Motivated employees, clear and binding corporate processes and continuous further development contribute significantly to the long-term success of the company. With our integrated management system, we ensure that clear responsibilities and accountabilities for quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and energy efficiency are defined and constantly monitored. The satisfaction of our customer is our driving force. As an automotive supplier, we operate in a competitive global market where the implementation of demanding goals and their regular monitoring is essential. Continuous improvement, the qualification of our employees, the selection of qualified suppliers, the protection of personal data and confidential documents as well as the protection of business secrets are primary corporate goals.


Code of Conduct

With the Code of Conduct, we commit to complience responsiblility, our societal and social responsibilities, and the principles of fair competition. Our actions are founded on universally applicable ethical values and principles, and especially on integrity, honesty, respect for human dignity, and non-discrimination.