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Adherence to all relevant environmental norms and regulations is an important priority for us. For this reason, we aim for continuous improvement on environmental protection within the company. All employees are integrated in the improvement process and are trained regularly. Contracts are only awarded to correspondingly certified service providers and vendors. As well as self-evident compliance with all legal requirements, environmental policy also means frequent monitoring of our production processes and the materials we use for substitutes that are more environmentally friendly. We also strive to reduce usage of operating materials that are pollutants.

We are committed to an economical and environmentally sound use of our energy sources. Our energy management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2011. We have access rights to the Bremcker Bach (spring) and use the water as coolant within production with in-house water treatment in a circulation system. We use resource-friendly tool designs so that the minimum amount of raw materials are used and that waste is avoided. The compressors for generating compressed air are speed-controlled. Recuperative burners are used to fire the heat treatment units, where the exhaust gases are reused.

  High volume system-relevant precision stamped parts with high level of in-house production  













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