100% flexibility in production logistics

From goods receipt to dispatch

A reliably high level of delivery readiness is a key success factor for our company. The first important step is our extensive stock of primary material, available for our customers. The range of our primary materials includes conventional steels, heat-treatable steels and various non-ferrous metals in a wide variety of qualities and dimensions.

In our own materials laboratory, we carry out 100% material testing for all incoming materials. According to the customer’s requirements, we pack in different containers or other packs and do so with piece-by-piece precision.

The delivery to our customers worldwide take place from our location in Plettenberg and from Kunshan for the Chinese market. We have the necessary approvals to handle export shipments quickly and easily.

As a "known consignor", this applies specifically to air freight shipments. The status of "approved exporter" enables us to issue the necessary preference certificates independently.

External service providers

We work exclusively with qualified and certified partners who meet our quality standards and specific customer requirements. External finishing processes are limited to various surface coatings and the mechanical processing of components.