For many decades, E. WINKEMANN has been represented in the gearbox sector with precision stamped parts and fine blanking parts. Our parts are used in automatic gearboxes, double clutch gearboxes, CVT gearboxes and manual gearboxes. They meet the highest technical requirements and perform important functions.

For example, intermediate plates: specially developed orifice functions with a manufacturing process patented by us have a decisive fluidic influence on the quality of the shifting behaviour in the gearbox. Our intermediate plates are metal-sealing and do not require any further sealing medium. This offers cost advantages and is also environmentally friendly.

We also have the highest level of product and process know-how in the thrust washer application area. We develop and produce millions of special thrust washers with the highest requirements for dimensional accuracy and wear resistance and carry out technical trials to further improve the products and our processes. Our thrust washer with patented HSD structure is a prime example. With its special buoyancy function, it ensures reduced wear and tear and thus maximum functionality and longevity.