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Brief profile

More than 80 years of success

Founded in 1938, E. WINKEMANN has transformed itself into one of the most important and highly regarded manufacturers of precision stamped metal parts.
Currently about 380 staff are employed at the site in Plettenberg, North-Rhine Westphalia. The customer base includes all major automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers worldwide. In addition, the company has founded the subsidiary E. WINKEMANN Automotive (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., in order to better penetrate the important Chinese automotive market with local production.
When it comes to precision stamped metal parts, we are your partner for implementing customer-specific requirements. To do so, we can use knowledge gained from more than 80 years of experience and the superior technical capabilities of our staff.
Precise stamped, embossed, bent, and drawn parts are produced with our modern machinery with high level of in-house production depth.
All company sectors are subject to a continuous improvement process based on effective zero defect strategies. E. WINKEMANN GmbH provides a wide range of services from product development to serial production.

  High volume system-relevant precision stamped parts with high level of in-house production  













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